Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Big Day!

Today's the day!! What day! Every day! Actually it's three days: the last ever 700 Club Show, the last day that Annie's Deli is located thirty seconds from my apartment, and the trade deadline in major league baseball. It's a blogger's dream!

So, as you know, the last of the over one-hundred shows hosted by Tom von Count and the crew at the 700 Social Club is tonight. It's located at 700 N. Harrison and should not be missed! Like, a billion bands are playing, and I myself am playing three big sets, one with Tit Patrol, one with the Wastoids, and one with the fuckin' Headies! Other notable acts include Sexon Horse and New Castle's own Tragic Johnson, Count von Count, and the rest! Rock and roll starts at six, be there or be four-cornered! By the way, you should open a new all-ages free club and ask us to play!

Annie's spectacular "New York Style" deli, located at 500 Greenhill Ave for the last twenty years (less than two blocks from where I live), will be moving as of today. Unfortunately, they were unable to continue to afford their lease, as raised by landlords Greggo and Ferraro, "legitimate businessmen" from Delaware. Now, I am normally pro-mafia... it does what the government won't! But this time... Annie's is a family operation... Annie herself works the counter and chats you up while her husband is main-man sandwich king of Wilmington. Perhaps best of all, Annie's mom makes fresh homemade desserts daily, her apple pie will ruin you. The rent increase is unfair but legal, forcing Annie to look for new diggs. Luckily for us, she found 'em! New location, across from the fire department in Elsmere. Elsmere is very lucky to get such a stable and long-lived business, not to mention the wonderful menu and skill applied. It really is the best Reuben in Delaware, and other hilarious and delicious dishes include the "Gay Liveration," chopped liver, corned beef, Swiss, lettuce & tomato, mustard & mayo on rye, and the "Ike and Tine Tuna," tuna, bacon, cream cheese & tomato, served hot on an onion roll. All my best to Annie and the family, I'll be in Elsmere when you open!

Finally, (I feel like my main man, Keith Olberman... remember him and Dan Patrick back in the day?) major league baseball's much hyped trade deadline is today, so any team who wants a new player available for post season play must make the deal by this afternoon! Complete coverage is on ESPN starting at 1:00 pm. Notable trades this season (so far) include Pudge Rodrigez going from his long time home in Detroit to be the new backstop for the New York Yankees, replacing the injured Jorge Posada. The Tigers in exchange get Kyle Farnsworth, a valuable righty to add to the Detroit bullpen. Adding to their already stellar line-up, the L.A. Angels landed big-batted first baseman Mark Texiera from the Braves for mid-level star Casey Kotchman and double-A right hander Stephen Marek. The Angels, with the best record in baseball and a line-up that boasts Tori Hunter, Vlad Guererro, Garrett Anderson, should have little trouble winning the entire A.L., unless the Tampa Bay Rays get in their way. Also, briefly, The Dodgers added third baseman Casey Blake from Cleavland, the Yankees also picked up star outfielder Xavier Nady from Pittsburgh, and the rest of this year's trades are already settled in with their new teams.

But who cares, right? Who will the Phillies get? Well, probably not Manny Ramirez, who appears close to going to the hated Miami Marlins in a three-team trade that would send Florida's Jeremy Hermida to Pittsburgh and the Pirates' star outfielder Jason Bay to Boston. That should be interesting. Also notable, my favorite rookie card Ken Griffey Jr. may take his 608 home runs to Chicago, the White Sox that is, to sure up their first place in the A.L. Central line-up. So, the Phils need pitching... relief pitching, having already traded for super-bum Joe Blanton. Hot on the radar is Atlanta's only good relief pitcher, Will Ohman, with Kansas City's Ron Mahay, Pittsburgh's John Grabow, San Francisco's Jack Taschner and Toronto's Jesse Carlson or Brian Tallet also being mentioned. Well, anything's okay with me as long as "Sugar" Shane Victorino is a Phillie when I go to bed tonight.

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