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Another Great Jersey Beat Review

The Headies - "Sugar and Spice (And Everything's Fucked)" CD -
One of the Headies is wearing a Riverdales hoodie over a New York Dolls t-shirt on the cover of this release. That's about right: they attempt sleazy guitar-driven garage rock in a 1-2-3-4 style. Sloppy playing and the band members' suspended adolescence make that otherwise solid combination not worth bothering with here. I cheated on first listen and skipped right to "PepsiFuckCheer" because that's a stupidly awesome song title. The song, however, is just stupid: "I love my girl and she loves my dick / Give her a Pepsi or she's gonna have a fit." Throughout the album, I tend to agree with Wendy, who is mentioned in the song "Jungle Girl": "My last girlfriend was Wendy, she was such a fucking bitch / Said I couldn't handle adult relationships." These are 30-something dudes apparently lusting after "Super Boot[ies]" and "Outer Space Short[ies]." Randomly placed terrible riffs, throat-hurting shouts, and falling-apart Beach Boys and Rolling Stones covers, don't help their case.
Reviewed by Chris Angiotti

Oh, opinions... I sent the record in to J.B. labeled "give to anyone but Andrew Fersch" who had really brutalized us. At least this dude clearly listened to the record! I wonder where he got the "thirty-something" thing from though...

"The older you get the more rules they'e gonna try and get you to follow..." - Wooderson

Not to get bitchy or defensive, but Chris betrayed some insight into his personality that is really not too favorable. For one, what part of garage punk rock is supposed to be sophisticated, tight, or mature? Is that what the listener pines for when reaching for a Sonics, Dictators, Gizmos, or Headies record? I think not. He makes it clear that "sleazy guitar-driven rock in the 1-2-3-4 style" is a "solid combination", and where we lost him is our "sloppy playing" and "suspended adolescence". Well, with the Headies, that is what you get. We have long since dismissed the pretension of certain punk rock and embraced the silly, "it's supposed to be fun" side. For some reason, this dude don't like that fun. Perhaps he sees us as comix or sci-fi geeks and his machoness can't take it. Citing us as "thirty-somethings" (we are all in our twenties! and deeply so when these songs were written!) and feeling some level of disgust in regard to our "lusting" after Super Booties and Outer Space Shorties, makes me think he wants more "age appropriate" song writing. Well, for some behind the scenes info, "Super Booty" is a love-story about a regular dude dating a comic book super hero, with adept and apropos lyrics. It is a challenging topic to write properly about whilst maintaining sweet rhymes and a sense of humor, and 99% of listeners agree it rules! "Jungle Girl" is a meta-narrative based on what happens to Peter Pan's love life directly following the egress of Wendy and the Darling Children back to London, concerned not only with which Neverland Girls he dates, but also with the syndrome assigned to his fictional name and the boys to men it's ascribed to back here in the real world, like me, apparently. So, it's fun, it's light, and it holds a intellectual challenge to those able to identify it. AND - lyrics are an abstracted reflection of the writer, who can lay out his own feelings into words, or take it up an artistic level and create characters, scenarios, and even action that comment on himself, the world, or the interaction thereof. So, don't worry Chris, I don't actually date aliens. That would be immature! Mainly, it was odd how the subject matter rubbed Chris the wrong way. Does he think we should be tighter and more serious while facing down the quantum fog of thirtiness? Fuck him!

I prefer:

From - "Sugar and Spice (And Everything’s Fucked)" CD: What you got here is fun garage punk with a big dollop of primitive ‘60s influences and a great album title. Fourteen blasts of catchy melodies all contained in songs less than two and a half minutes, eleven of which are originals penned by The Headies. The lyrics are equal parts crude and cute which always seems fitting for garage rock of this nature. Highly recommended if you are a fan of acts as diverse as The Angry Samoans, Gas Huffer, early Screeching Weasel, or if you are just looking for an entertaining, snotty album to play at your next party.

From Maximumrocknroll 319 - "Sugar and Spice (And Everything's Fucked)" CD: Loose garage pop-punk. Reminds me of the early Hi-Fives and the Groovie Ghoulies with its raw production and fun attitude. I'm hearing a little Zeroes too. Good stuff. (ML)

From Rainbow Records Online - The Headies – "Sugar and Spice (And Everything’s Fucked)" CD - If you don’t like this album you are an uptight asshole that no one likes to be around. - Nate Powerstance

Distantbuthere 说:
20 天前
kt and i just bought this cd called "sugar and spice (and everything's fucked)" by the headies. you would love it. very pop-punk-surf-rock and completely silly. One of the songs is about a slutty alien he meets and in the refrain it says "you're the only alien i adore" one song also begins with "my last girlfriend was wendi she was such a fucking bitch." needless to say it made me think of you.
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