Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Science Fiction on VHS" CD Compilation

Now available on Fun With Asbestos Records out of Boston, MA, the Science Fiction on VHS CD compilation featuring Tit Patrol!, the Sheckies and the Prozacs (both at the Spot in Wilmington, DE 2/12/10!), the Bugs and the Rich White Males (featuring Dangerous Dave from the Queers), the Scutches and many more cream of the crop pop-punk bands! Get it right now at Interpunk!

1. Scutches - Marsha
2. Worthingtons - Mutate My Brain
3. Murderburgers - Doubletake
4. Diasepunk - Ya No Se Que Mas Decirte
5. Kensingtons - Goodbye
6. Bugs - I'm Getting Fat
7. Shit-Bums - Chos Before Hoes
8. Way To Go! - I Lost My Mind (Feat. Wimpy)
9. Sterns76 - Black Lipstick
10. Rich White Males - Everybody Hates Me
11. Sheckies - I Need Xanax
12. Deans - Better
13. Tit Patrol - I Don't Wanna Be A Part Of It
14. Lolligaggers - Panhandler's Lament
15. Prozacs - Better Run

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