Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bobby is a Lover

Bobby Ubangi died two weeks ago. Legendary Atlanta rock and roller, the man behind the Lids (with ex Jay Reatard love interest and Angry Angles bandmate Alix Brown) and the Gaye Blades passed of lung cancer which had spread every which way. Known and loved as a reputable slacker, Bobby got it together when he knew his time was limited and recorded his solo album (with help from King Khan, Gentlemen Jesse and others). It is an unusual look into the thoughts and music of a punk rocker who knows he's gonna die, but isn't into killing himself. It is lo-fi and four track, sad and awesome. Buy it (it's on iTunes, modernista!), think about it, dance to it! Rest, but not in peace, B Jay Womack aka Bobby Ubangi!!!
The Gaye Blades - "Bobby is a Lover"

The Gaye Blades - "Treat Me Like a Man"

The Gaye Blades - "Please Don't Get Married"

The Bobby Ubangi Montage with BBQ Soundtrack!

Here's an amazing piece written by Bobby's friend the day before he died. Oh, and if anybody's actually got those Gaye Blades seven inches, let me tape 'em! Or give 'em to me.

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