Monday, June 15, 2009

S.H.O.T. at the S.P.O.T.

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce and welcome S.H.O.T. to the Wilmington scene, as photographed by me at the Urban Bike Project on June 13. These Market Street boys play thrash-out ska-core, which has been sorely missed by both me and Mr. Moist. They have an E.P. out...

Recorded by Sammy Williamson, Nacho Rich, and Peter "Awesome" Dawson at the Big Blue House which totally burns yer face off, and a super-sweet t-shirt design... I believe by Rachel?!

Check it and them out at here.

Davey McFly - vocals

Kacii Redd - guitar

Dr. Blah - bass

Thrashcan - drums

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